Whiston Festival of Brass
Whiston Festival of Brass

The Whiston Festival of Brass (Brasstonbury) will take place on Saturday 6th July 2019 in the grounds of Newman School, in the village of Whiston, South Yorkshire.

John Silker

From 2019 the Whiston Festival of Brass with be held in the memory of John Silker, who past away in 2017. As well as Chief Executive of the Magna Trust John was an integral part of and supporter of the Whiston Festival of Brass, and we are proud to operate the festival in his name.

2019 Event Overview
The Whiston Festival of Brass 2019, in memory of John Silker, will function slightly different from previous years, in that each participating band will receive a fee of £100 for participation in the contest. This initiative is to support the events ethos of supporting brass bands, their welfare and longevity.

Further to aid the events ethos the number of bands will be restricted to twelve. Given equal distribution of bands across the competing sections the prize monies will be as set out following. Given uneven distribution the prize ‘pot’ will be adjusted to suit the circumstances so that the ethos is upheld. Given this eventuality notification of the distribution of the prize monies will be indicated to the participating band in good time prior to the event.

Whiston Festival of Brass 2019 'John Silker Champion Band Award' - £250

Awarded in memory of John Silker, this prize will be based on the ‘opinion’ of the adjudicator and organizers who will base their decision on the band who in their view…
• Have performed and exhibited a good standard of brass band musicianship
• Have presented a programme of music that best suits the ethos and aims of the Festival
• Have embraced the ethos and aims of the Festival

Championship and First Section
• £400 - Best performance exhibiting musical skill and merit

Second and Third Section

• £400 - Best performance exhibiting musical skill and merit

Fourth and unregistered bands
• £400 – Best performance exhibiting musical skill and merit

Most Entertaining Band
• £200 - The award for the ‘most entertaining band’, will be awarded to the band, who in the thoughts and observations of the adjudicator is worthy of the title ‘most entertaining band’ and has exhibited outstanding ability in the fields of, innovation in performance and musical content, enjoyment of programme from a layman’s view.

£100 - Best Soloist/ Instrumentalist
• The award for best soloist/ instrumentalist from the senior band contest will be awarded to the musician, who in the thoughts and observations of the adjudicator is worthy of the title ‘best soloist/ instrumentalist’ and has exhibited outstanding brass playing skills and/or has added much to the overall performance of their band in the Festival.

Junior/Training Band Section

Champion Junior/Training Band

• First Prize - £300 to the Junior/Training Band for an outstanding performance exhibiting musical skill, merit and most entertaining performance.
Other prizes Junior/Training Band Section
• Second Prize - £200 Junior/Training Band for a performance of merit, exhibiting musical skill, and entertainment.
• Third Prize - £100 Junior/Training Band for a performance of quality, exhibiting musical skill, and entertainment.

Format of the Contest

Band Requirements

Bands will be expected to comprise of a reasonable number of brass and percussion players, which collectively will constitute the format of a standard brass band.
• There are no registration requirements of players within a band.
• A band can borrow players from any other brass band, however it is expected that a band uphold the spirit of ‘friendly banding’ and not overly laden their band with experienced ‘higher class’ players from other bands. This activity will be frowned upon and be taken into account within the adjudication of the contest.
• A band will compete under its current National Brass Band grading status.

On the contest stage, Bands will be expected to…
• Play a program of music to entertain a laymen audience, i.e. people who are not ‘brass band savvy’.
• The program should be approximately 20 - 25 minutes in length.
• The programme of music will not be formally timed yet excessive over running of the maximum 25 minute time period will be frowned upon by the organizers and adjudicator.
• In keeping with the ethos of the Festival, the organisers encourage bands to display innovative approach to music choice and further encourage the use of ‘props’ and the like to supplement the music, i.e. fancy dress, use of electrically powered instruments, dancers, lighting effects or whatever.

Draw/Order of Play
•  A draw for the order of play will be published in appropriate media channels, three (3) weeks prior to the event.
•  Subsequently, bands will then be informed of ‘their’ specific time to present themselves on the day of the contest, 6th July 2019.
• The Brasstonbury 2019 contest controller will attempt to accommodate the wishes of bands to play at a suitable and appropriate time for them within the order of play, given player availability and player commitments.

We request that bands respect this flexible approach of Brasstonbury 2019, to determining the ‘draw/order of play’, and do not abuse such by being demanding. The decision of the Brasstonbury 2019 contest controller is final in all matters.

Music manuscript for adjudication purposes
• On the day of the contest each band will present to the ‘Music Manuscript Steward’, suitable musical scores of the pieces they will play in their entertainment program before the band takes to the stage.

Band seating format/layout
• In good time, each band will present to Brasstonbury 2019 Stewards, a seating format/layout the band would like to take when on the Contest stage. In presenting such a seating format/layout, time delays between band performance and smooth and timely running of the contest will come about.

Further notes about the event...
• Seating will be provided on stage as well as music stands.
• A standard ‘drum kit’ and other percussion instruments will be provided on stage. A list of Percussion equipment available on the day of the contest will be published in good time before the day of the contest. If a band requires the use of an irregular percussion item the band must make provision for their use of such.
• Disabled person provisions will be catered for both on the stage and in the surrounding environment.
• At the culmination of the event, trophies and prize monies will be presented by or some other suitably known celebrity. All prize winners must return trophies in good time for the next forthcoming Brasstonbury Festival, the trophies being in good order and suitably engraved.
• There will be designated parking for coaches, disabled persons and bands persons who require close access to the stage at the location the contest. Details of all parking facilities and locations will be published in good time before the day of the day of the contest.

For further information please contact Contest Controller:
Ian Close
Email: ian.closedcb@gmail.com
Tel: 07885 825225

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